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Welcome to our meditation class section, where we offer a safe and enjoyable space for you to explore mindfulness and meditation with like-minded individuals. Our classes are available in-person locally in the UK, as well as online.

By attending our meditation classes, you can establish a regular meditation practice and cultivate a deep sense of peace and relaxation. Our guided meditations are designed to help you quieten your mind and let go of any thoughts, anxiety, or stress. We believe that meditation is a powerful tool to help you find a sense of balance and connection within yourself and the world around you.

During your class, you will be reminded that there is no expectation of you, and nothing you must do other than simply be present and connect with yourself. Our classes offer a supportive and non-judgmental space for you to unwind, breathe and find yourself. It’s a time to clear mind clutter and leave feeling calm, relaxed, and renewed.

Our meditation classes are perfect for those who are new to meditation or looking to deepen their practice. Join us today and discover the benefits of regular meditation practice in a fun, safe and supportive environment.


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